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14 05 2007



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15 05 2007
Kieran Burke

Greetings George…best of luck with your blog…I’ve been thinking about doing this myself so I’ll watch with interest to see if it’s possible to fit blogging into your busy schedule!…the election is consuming alot of my time at the moment – helping a friend of mine to run for the first time…all I’ll say on the matter is that it will require a change of government, the colour blue to be in ascension and a fair wind behind a new candidate…perhaps given that you already have access to a whole website for your musings (i.e. Newstalk), perhaps focusing on single topic/hobby might be the easiest way to get you started…all the best….Kieran…ps. you’re a proper muti-medium at this point – radio, tv, print and blog…is there no end!!

15 05 2007

Hi George!

Welcome to the blogosphere! I listen to your show everyday, it beats RTE and Cooper hands-down. I especially enjoy your Thursday interviews.

I look forward to reading your insightful musings.


16 05 2007
Martin in Naas

Good on you George. May I be so bold as to make a suggestion. If you give us a heads-up on your blog on what you are planning to do battle with Michael Graham about perhaps we can help with some ammo.

16 05 2007
Evert Bopp

Hi there George,

Good luck with the blog.
It can do with a bit more content though.


21 05 2007
Benny the Bridgebuilder

Great radio – keep it up.

Look forward to seeing some of the topics followed up here.

22 05 2007

Hi George,

I love the show! You & you’re team are doing a great job. Keep up the fine work. In the mean time… check out my blog http://goldfusion.wordpress.com/

29 05 2007
Eithne from Fingal

Hi George,
On the subject of cliches, one thing that drives me mad is when people say ‘thats allowed’. I feel like saying ‘I dont need your permission’ or approval thanks all the same!
But when I’m driving home at the end of the day, one thing that I look forward to is hearing your voice on the radio, for debate, chat and your great sense of clarity. Its great stuff. Keep it up.

1 06 2007

Well done on the blog and well done in general. I always listen to Newstalk and particularly enjoy your show driving home. Not being a music fan I was in somewhat of a desert regarding radio before the arrival of you and your colleagues. Outside of your radio show your passionate honesty and openess, particularly about darker times in your life, are inspiring.
Well done and thank you – I will add this blog to my ‘daily reads’.

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