Elections past and present

29 05 2007

Welcome to the Blog and I hope you will continue to visit on a regular basis. I will certainly try and keep the page updated as often as possible. However to be successful your contribution will be important and I will try and answer each contribution individually.Last week was unbelievably strenuous but great fun. I have been studying elections since I was in short pants and have a very vague memory of my parents talking about the 1948 election which returned the most complex coalition in Irish history. It was led by FG and had about five parties. It lasted five years and delivered stable government which make the current discussions about coherence and stability seem a little rich.I stay up all night for US Elections and never miss the UK event, so the privilege of actually broadcasting the election in
Ireland was a labour of love and I enjoyed it immensely.

Claire Byrne and I had never worked together before, so we met every week in the month before the election to get to know each other.
Philip Molloy from the Right Hook team did an analysis of constituencies each week so at the end of the month he had covered all 43 and Claire and I were up to speed.
On Friday the first day of the count, we kicked off at 2 pm and worked through until 10 pm. It was a long slot but the adrenalin was pumping and I existed on black tea.On Saturday we started at 10 am and finished at 3 pm. Interestingly, as the result went to the wire and a draw looked likely I reminded everybody that 36 hours previously when everybody was talking of an overall majority for FF, I suggested that it would be close. Fifty years of studying Proportional Representation gave me a certainty that Irish elections are always close.I left Newstalk at about 4 pm and was due in RTE at 7 pm to cover the Ireland v
Argentina game on TV. I got home at 11 pm and fell in to bed to sleep until 7 am and have a free day on Sunday. Happily there was no Jigs and Reels, so I had a day to myself for the first time in an age and took the lovely Ingrid and her mother to lunch in Dali’s in Blackrock.
This is just a first shot at the Blog so keep me posted on your thoughts on any subject. Your advice is welcome, particularly on the radio show but also on my performance in any arena.Bye the way the morning swim is going well and I am now up to 60 lengths of the pool. The result is that I have lost 10 lbs of the planned 42. Wish me luck!




3 responses

29 05 2007
JC Skinner

Welcome to the blogosphere, George. I tuned into a little of your election coverage in between running to and from the RDS count, and I really do want to pay tribute to the excellence of the analysis and breaking results as Newstalk presented them.
Well done, and good luck with the show and the blog.

29 05 2007
D Byrne

Well done to yourself and Newtalk on their excellent election coverage. I really enjoyed it and found it very informative. Also, well done on the swimming. Whats your secret to muster up the motivation to swim 60 lengths? Well done George.

3 06 2007

Heya George,
well done on the blog, i began listening to you since October, when i started my new job, and have tuned in every night since for my commute home, which i a pleasure instead of a chore while listening to you,i would like to compliment you on your unique style of journalism,you strike me as a real (try anything) kind of fella,fiar play to you!and for “Mick the Yank” who else only ‘oul Hookie’ would have a loonie like that as a regular, ah but i do like the chap, it goes to show you are a true pioneer of free speech and democracy,i couldn’t picture him being a regular on Gerry or Joe’s slots(they like the lime light for themselves too much)
anywhere fair play to you, and thanks for helping make my daily commute along the full lenght of the grand canal a leasurely stroll instead boring chore.
good luck with all your future endeavours.

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