30 05 2007

Wednesday 1 pm

I see the pics have made it! I am beginning to understand how this works.

Earlier this morning I was interviewed by Miriam O’Callaghan at the Lord Mayor’s conference on ageing and had a great time acting as a cheerleader for the generation that made this country prosperous.

As I write I have come from Ronnie Drew’s house in Greystones where I did a recording for the Thursday Interview. he was superb and a lovely man to boot. He did the interview despite suffering from throat cancer and his wife was ill in hospital. It was a special event.

A quick bowl of soup before heading for today’s show – and I will respond to your comments in the coming days.




2 responses

30 05 2007
Benny the Bridgebuilder

Good to see the pics up and in context.

Agree with Linda regarding titles. No great literature needed, just a word to fill a field (electronic that is).

Looking forward to a few arguments starting on the blog. Does wonders for the number of hits!

31 05 2007

Shocked to hear Ronnie Drew has throat cancer. I just read the articles about it online and I realise I was out of the country when it was announced. I’m sure everyone wishes him well. Will that interview be on tonight?

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