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31 05 2007

On the Friday before the election we had an outside broadcast at the Breaffy International Hotel in Castlebar. It was also my birthday and Giles presented me with a cake to my genuine surprise.

The Thursday interview with Ronnie Drew goes out next Thursday June 7th.

 I am gradually getting used to the format and hoefully people are hearing about the blog so from next week we will have opinion to beat the band and hopefully some comment and opinion.




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31 05 2007

Happy Belated Birthday George! J

31 05 2007
Benny the Bridgebuilder

Full marks, George, on the new format (including the headers). It looks great.

The “hoefully people” doesn’t refer to the seven Dwarfs by any chance.

Only joshing.

3 06 2007

Hi George

You are up and running at last! Listen in everyday to your show after getting out of work and enjoyed also ‘hanging with hector’ that you did. What I like about your show and newstalk in general is that you include texts sent in which gives the shows a feeling of participation. Oh yea, by the by, will you tell Karlin Lillington not to refer to MP3 players as IPODs because IPOD is a brand (like using Hoover to describe a vacuum cleaner – which I do) and you are therefore advertising for Apple…..just to point that out!! (My other half’s a gadget freak)

Fion (the travel guy -am I spelling that right) is cool with his flair for all things italian – love the pronounciations! and his own show is good as well on a saturday.

All in all, it was good that newstalk went nationwide. Good move. The west’s awake down here, do you need any roving reporters???ha ha. Hope the blog takes off. Good luck.

Michelle xx

5 06 2007

Hey George,

Welcome to the world of blogging! I’ll keep an eye out here for those “intimate details” you’ve promised us! How are you going to get the time for this as well as everything else? What does “the lovely Ingrid” think about your blog?

I really enjoy the newstalk show. It helps with the daily commute. I do wonder though what the point of “traffic and travel from the AA” is though. I drive from Sandyford to the red cow every evening and the standard response from AA is that it’s busy from Firhouse to the Red Cow. Why do they need to tell us this? It’s ALWAYS busy from Firhouse to the red cow! It may vary slightly on how busy it is but the same comments come from the AA every day. As far as I’m concerned they are just wasting valuable Goerge Hook time on the radio.

OK, I’ve got that off my chest. Looking forward to listening later today and will be tuning into Ronnie Drew on Thurs.


25 06 2007

I sit next to you one a week, but you never told me you were another year older! Sheesh you keep all the best secrets to yourself… LOL

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