Hookie’s Leaving Cert

6 06 2007

Sorry to be off the site for a few days but the long weekend meant little attention to work as I spent a rainy weekend in Wexford. I must have been tired as I spent most of the time in bed or looking out the window at the rain. One bonus was two TV programmes. Tthe Peter and Dan Snow’s Monday night series on great battles showing on BBC and Prison Break series two started on RTE2. I had not seen series one but the opening episode seemed interesting.

Today Wednesday was a tough day. A lunch speech to the Irish/Spain Society was hardly the preparation I needed for my attempt at Leaving Cert English Paper 1. It gave me just 90 minutes to complete the three hour exam but I cheated by using my laptop as I did not think my ageing wrists would stand up to writing in long hand for that length of time. Otherwise I did the test strictly and have a new found respect for the modern 18 year old. Life experience of course helped in writing but I had no foreknowledge of the paper and what it might contain. My answer paper is reproduced below and I hope I can upload the question paper in PDF format. Otherwise you are just going to let me have your thoughts on the answers without the questions.The paper was marked by an experienced English teacher and live on the show I was given my marks – a solid but unspectacular B1.

The reality format of the show was fun and I would welcome your ideas for further experiments.

Tomorrow I intend to give my opinions on the current state of the coalition negotiations and my holiday plans.

See you tomorrow.




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