Greens and FF

8 06 2007

The Green and FF talks are done and it looks like no deal. I was not best pleased and if it had gone ahead I would have been vitriolic here.

Just to cheer my self up I am showing a picture of my eldest daughter Michelle who surprised me with a vist to the studio on the 5 th Birthday of the show on the 9th of April last.




One response

11 06 2007

Not sure if i follow you George…. you would have been vitriolic if a deal had been done with the Greens? Any particular reason? The Greens are desperately needed in this country, I hope you haven’t been listening to that crackpot Michael Graham too much. Speaking of that nutjob one point occurred to me – he always makes the point that environmentalists lend too much credence to the influence of humans on the great big earth and how could we be so vain to think we are anything other than a blip on a massive timescale – he might want to consider the human capacity to blow the earth to smithereens with nuclear arms – not the same as the climate change issue but it does indicate our capacity to radically alter the planet’s environment…. I sincerely hope you can be counted on to look favourably on Green policies which have been commended by economists and democrats. Keep blogging!

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