5 year anniversary with Michelle

8 06 2007

5 year anniversary with Michelle, originally uploaded by therighthook.

In the studio.




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11 06 2007

Alright George! Fancy new blog, huh?

There already seems to an inordinate amount of posts picturing you with the ladies. Is this the theme you’re going for? 🙂

14 06 2007

finding it hard to find the time to update the Blog George? Pity. blogging would really suit your style (the great interaction with your audience via comments) keep up the good work on the radio……

18 06 2007

Hay George,

Any chance of some more content on your blog??? I figure you’d have no shortage of stuff to write about. Take care.


19 06 2007

It was interesting to hear your view on why roman catholicism seems to have gone downhill among its followers. So I wondered what you’d already said on the blog about religion? It looks as if there is plenty of room left open.

I’m inclined to treat your radio programme as one of my religious fixes. I tune in for a dose of humane humour and freshly baked questions. You turn the bread and butter of interviewing into a sacred ritual. But you don’t speak enough Latin on air.

George your confessions are an advert for the very thing you say you miss: the dark enclosed box with the latch that opens to reveal a mysterious presence.

Long my you continue to bare your soul. Thank you very much.

21 06 2007

heya george,
i have got to tell you,i started a new job in october righ? And I honestly have become a fan of yours to the level of which i have only been a fan of Bob Dylan in my life, and thats saying sosmething, you are the No.1 broadcaster i ever heard,my journey home from work is the highlight of my day(up till 7:00anyway, i not that sad)I am currently after listening to you talkin to that PJ fella off naked camera, the chap who wound ya up like a bogey rolex! And fair play to ya to have the courage and nerve and basically the balls to offer to get up on the stage, and i honestly think you are not only doing it for yourself, i think you are doing it to prove a point to peole who maybe doubt their own abilities,to show what anyone can do, and i think you also are doing it for your fans,i for one don’t go to many gigs, but ill do my best to get a ticket for that one.
What i initially wanted to post to you about was the current work you are embarking on for young Michael,i listened to you about that for the last two nights and tonight i nearly had tears in my eyes when i heard you in the huose, and i got goose bumos all over my back when hearing how the people of Ireland are rallying around,but you took the reigns first so fair play to you.
I would like to take this opportunity to pledge my time and any help i can to the cause,evem if i was in a different country at the time when the job was being done(highly unlikely since i was only abroad once in 29 years) but if i was i would ring apache or four star pizza and send a few pizzas down to you all,thats how much i am determined to be involved in some small way,but its 99% certain i will be here and i will take a couple of days holidays,clean,sweep,paint,make sandwiches,anything i can do to help sych a noble cause. All in all,this situation,although very tragic,has restpred my faith in humanity.
so all in all George, i enjoy listening to you,respect you as a broadcaster and from what i can tell just by listening,you are one of the good ones George! One of the best!

22 06 2007
Sine honoris causa

Looking forward to you getting up to speed on content.

That’s the problem with blogs. Once you start people expect constant input.

You might consider doing short outrageous posts and let the commenters make the running arguing among themselves. This works for a lot of people.

Good luck.

23 06 2007

It was good of George to have a go at blogging. It was his way of keeping up with latest trends, feeding his inner child. Now he has to prepare for his debut on stage as a stand-up comedian. So he is unlikely to write any more until the first draft of that script is at least cooled.

George didn’t take up blogging to receive adulation, even admiration. He did it to show that he isn’t prejudiced against the modern world, however riddled it is with temptations. Unfortunately he has so many films to watch this weekend that he is unlikely to even read this. But he has a team behind the scenes who take everything in.

Now if there were as many comments on here each week as there are text messages each day to the show, George’s team might encourage him to become a broader presence here. As regular listeners already know, George doesn’t mind what point of view you have, so long as you express it at 30p per text (he is in no way responsible for the station needing to charge for texts).

Those tears were genuine. I know because I shed my own in response. (I know that was a cheap one.) There will be other campaigns and this might well be a space in which it would be possible to debate what sort of campaigns the show might devote itself to.

Is there anyone out there who knows whether there is already a George Hook fan club? There is so much material in every broadcast programme; we would never be short of stuff to argue about and admire. Anyone know where I could get the teeshirt?

Believe it or not, I love this man.

27 06 2007

Loving the new blog, George. Keep it up – I’m sure you will with Karlin Lillington snapping at your heels 😉

29 06 2007

Is George on holidays?

3 07 2007

Is George going to have a farewell party to end his blogging career which seems to have sunk before it ever took off, even with the cool site for posting and his new name now available which will make no difference to such an inveterate grouch about computers and the interweb.

5 07 2007
Benny the Bridgebuilder

Time for another post?

14 07 2007


Good work on the blog, looking forward to reading more from you.

Just finished your book (which you signed in Cork), ya I know I’m a slow reader :). Most enjoyable read. Bit worried that you’re going to retire in Autumn 2008 though. You better keep up the blog at least 🙂

5 08 2007
Benny the Bridgebuilder

Three Hail Marys.

13 08 2007
Benny the Bridgebuilder

One decade of the Rosary.

15 08 2007

It looks as if George is still on holiday.

15 08 2007
Benny the Bridgebuilder


I don’t think you’re cut out for blogging. You’re an oral person. That nice lady Lillington presented you with a blog which seemed a good idea but you really have to keep up a constant input to keep the show on the road.

I’m going to continue listening rather than reading.

Good to have you back on the show.

Good Luck


20 08 2007
Benny the Bridgebuilder

Heard you asking for forgiveness and testifying to a firm purpose of amendment on Monday’s radio show.

One more chance.

21 08 2007

I heard you too. I heard you say there are two people in your team who are going to help you get the blog show back on the road. Now that I’ve read that Benny the Bridgebuilder has given you another chance, I’ll be keeping you on my RSS reader.

And the photos of the near miss too, please…

22 08 2007

I also heard that promise by George that he’s resume his blogging career, with the support of his team. Hopefully he’ll post some photos of his Alaskan holiday.

16 09 2007
Benny the Bridgebuilder

Sorry, George.

Have to take you out of my bookmarks.

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