My Long Awaited Return to Blog Land

17 10 2007

The Hook Blog is hoping to be back up and running shortly but in a much more interactive and technologically innovative way. Every Monday at 6.30 pm listeners to the Technology slot on The Right Hook have been submitting their suggestions by text to 53106 (cost 30 cent).

Each week I am giving a voucher for dinner for two to the listener with the best suggestion. Please keep your ideas coming.


Some of the suggestions so far:

George, why don’t you blog at 4pm each day letting people know what is coming up on the show, that way you can invite comments before you even interview the people.

George, why don’t you put a box on the blog that readers can text with a comment. 

Hello George, how about Georges travel plotting, how long it takes for you to get to the Newstalk HQ from home every day, highlighting how long Dubliners spend in traffic.

George include in the blog, your word of the day and use it in context during the show to educate us while we listen.

George have a photo on each day and have a competition for the best caption.  You could use news, sport etc, the more bizarre or random the better.

Hi George, why not have a ‘Today’s reason why Cork is great’ section on your blog.




2 responses

19 10 2007
Benny the Bridgebuilder

Now ye’r talkin.

28 10 2007
Alex Gogan

Hi George,

Congrats on returning to Blog Land, but the biggest problem is that they are a demanding animal, its easier to be married, have three women on the side and keep them all entertained then holding down a full time job and keep on posting good content in your blog (or even bad content)!

But I am sure with your prowess and fluid use of English you will have no problems (that or just remember that CTRL A, CTRL C and CTRL V will be your mighty friend) go into those archives of rejected or damn they should have published this and have fun.

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